Continuous Chain Powered Motor

The DC electric motor is one that needs to be powered by a direct current source to operate. This type of motor is suitable for cases where it is necessary to leave with full load. Hence, it is widely used in cranes, elevators and locomotives.

The DC motor, as it is commonly known, consists of:

  • an armature or armature (rotor);
  • an inductor or field (coils);
  • a housing; acme t2527051
  • a set of brushes.

The armature is the rotating part of the machine, composed of an axis, and a core of the armature that is made of steel plates with grooves, where are located the coils called winding of the armature and also of a switch fixed on the shaft. It is able to withstand high currents. The stator (or field coils) is responsible for the magnetic field that interacts with the armature. It is the static part of the machine, mounted around the armature.

The housing is formed by plates where the field winding is fixed. The coils are positioned so as to form the poles and the brushes drive the energy from the commutator to the rotor (armature).